DFP Safety Corp

Who we are

DFP Safety Corporation is the authorized global licensee of DEWALT for Fall Protection and Drop Prevention. We are passionately committed to a singular goal: to be the preeminent provider of life saving solutions and training for workers at height around the world. The leadership team of DFP Safety brings unparalleled industry expertise to every solution we provide. Our vertically integrated global supply chain has over 20 years of proven expertise in the manufacture and global distribution of personal protective equipment. From our webbing to our hardware, nearly every component of DFP Safety Fall Protection and Drop Prevention products is made in our world-class ISO 9001:2015 registered factories. That enables us to ensure that we produce only the highest quality products – because you deserve nothing less than the best. Your life depends on it.

Vision, Mission & Goal


To save lives through innovative height safety solutions and unparalleled training excellence


To equip the world’s workers at height with the highest quality safety solutions and training and to bring them home safely to their loved ones.


To become the world’s leading provider of life-saving solutions and training to workers at height around the world.

DFP Safety Corp
DFP Safety Corp

Our Values


Human life is sacred and should be protected at all times. We are committed to thinking and acting in ways that promote Workplace Safety with the goal that every worker comes home to their loved ones safe and healthy.


DFP Safety will always seek to live and to work in a manner consistent with the highest level of integrity and ethics. This means we will remain consistent with the values we claim to hold, whether we are in public or in private.


We will be truthful in all our dealings – with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, governing authorities, and each other.


We will pursue excellence in all we do. We will always seek to produce the highest quality products and services and will promote those products and services to the market with the highest level of marketing excellence.